About me

Hi! Thank you for your interest in my handmade products.

I'm Khristy, a full-time working mom of two and side-hustling macrame artist, in love with all things island & beachy!

I was born and raised on Aruba (Dutch Caribbean) and currently living in The Netherlands. 


With Isla Bohemia Handmade I aim to create unique pieces inspired by my Caribbean roots.

I love to experiment with new concepts, so if you have any ideas for a unique piece for your home

or have a specific fashion accessory in mind, please contact me.

At this moment I only take custom orders from customers in The Netherlands / Europe. 

Isla Bohemia Handmade products are also sold in store at Sunset Shack in Aruba.

Follow me on social media to see what I'm currently working on.

Thank you for visiting my website!


Cu amor, Khristy

About my products

One of my main values is being as ecological and sustainable as I can, creating products that are long lasting and good for the environment.

A big part of my creations are made from high quality, 100% recycled cotton cord. Leftover cord from bigger projects are saved to use in smaller projects or to make fringes.

On our Tote bags you will find the EarthAware™ label. EarthAware™ products support efforts to steadily reduce our environmental footprint through better design, reduced packaging, more sustainable materials and support for local environmental initiatives.

In every step of the production process I try to think of possibilities in making my products and packaging more sustainable. Earrings are delivered in a small reusable jute jewelry bag. Jute is biodegradable, 100% compostable and extremely strong.

Postal orders are delivered in high quality carton boxes or Kraft paper bags, containing the FSC-quality mark. This packaging material can be recycled in the paper recycling containers (papierbakken) found everywhere here in The Netherlands.


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